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I'm Himanshu Swaraj, a freelance search engine marketing expert based in India.

I have worked for many years in agencies and companies where I have carried out Internet Marketing campaigns and also devised online search marketing strategies. No doubt to say that I live and breathe SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEM because, this is all I ever do!

You don't have to do anything extraordinary to rank in the top, you just need to do better than your competitors.

– Himanshu Swaraj, Director of Search Marketing


  • Are you affordable?
    Yes, I am certainly affordable compared to SEO agencies.

  • Will this be Quality work?
    Yes, I do provide affordable SEO but it doesn't mean I compromise any Quality. I will work hard on your campaign to achieve the result.

  • But I need frequent updates as well?
    Sure, I will provide you weekly SEO updates with 24X7 Skype chat or call support.

  • Hidden charges?
    Absolutely NO hidden fee! Moreover I will implement all the SEO html changes for FREE without any technical charge.
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Your very own SEO Freelancer

My name is Himanshu Swaraj, your dedicated SEM expert based in New Delhi (India). I lead a dedicated group of SEM professionals who are striving to give the best that we can offer to our clients.

We work virtually from India with the ultimate goal to provide the best SEO services you have ever experienced. We are not here to make profit, we are here to redefine the quality of SEO.

We have an experience of more than 6 years and we are 100% committed to deliver quality services. We believe that each website has a different requirement and thats why we create custom plan for each and every website we work on.

Why you should outsource SEO to a freelance group?

There are many benefit to outsource SEO to a freelancer as compared to a SEO company. Below are some core reasons:

  • Cost benefit

  • 24*7 support via call/chat

  • 100% result commitment

  • less headache and hassle of a company's processes

A SEO freelancer would cost you a lot less compared to a SEO firm without any compromise in quality and commitment as people often think then they compare freelancer and a company.

We at Freelance SEO, maintain the work quality professionalism. We apply innovative ideas and smart work to campaign we work on. The delivery time is also better than the SEO companies due to the less hassle and company procedures. We understand that time is money and we ensure timely commitment.

Lastly a SEO freelancer is more committed to your website compared to a SEO company due to less work pressure.

Why choose SEO freelancers?

We are delivering results consistently for 6 yrs now (see portfolio below). Our clients and partners are satisfied by our service and commitment. At seofreelance.net, we utilize the best possible SEO techniques to rank your website and if required we hire the best talent across the globe to get your job done. Your success is our ultimate goal and we work hard to achieve it come what may. We are hear to stay and grow big.

Seofreelance.net is the professional group of freelancers that believes in hard work and cares for your business. We work with a mission to make your business successful. We urge you to have
faith in our dedication and vision to make your business successful.

by Himanshu Swaraj


Yes, Google has changed its search layout for Desktop. This change is going to impact the organic traffic and as a SEO expert you have now one more reason to worry.

Google has recently pushed an update to their core algorithm last weekend. Zineb Ait Bahajji (in French), Gary Illyes and John Mueller of Google have confirmed on Twitter that this is a core ranking update rather than a Penguin update we were expecting. Now the surprising thing is, Google hardly confirms the core algorithmic updates as the last confirmation was done back in May 2015. This core update has so far shown some positive impact witnessed at various Webmaster Forums:

Well, this was known earlier as well but we had not confirmation from Google but nobody expected them to come out and say it.

Google's Rahul J from Google My Business team has now confirmed this via a post at Google My Business help forum. He suggested four parameters/factors used by Google for Google My Business Listing ranking including "Search History: In the past how many times has the listing been clicked on by users searching with the keyword."

Below are the four parameters he listed:

  • Relevance: How relevant is your business category/listing to the search phrase used by the user?
  • Prominence: Traffic to your business listing. How established is the business online.
  • Distance: How close the business is location from where the search is being made.
  • Search history: In the past how many times has the listing been clicked on by users searching with the keyword.

Apart from the above factors, he suggested some best practices as well like:

1. Select the right category for the Business Listing
2. Share your business location and page with your customers
3. Request reviews from your delighted customers.
4. Regularly update your listings with Texts, Photos, Videos, Links, Events and polls
5. Update photos with customers

He also linked a wonderful FAQ page consist of many tips you can use to promote your Google My Business page which you should Bookmark is quickly.

But the TOP 4 major Parameters are:
Relevance, Prominence, Distance & Search History!