Internet has become the most viable source of entertainment, marketing and business promotion with more and more people getting attached to this innovative technology every single day. There is something in it for every individual, whether young ones or the grown up people. You can enjoy the latest online games, shop for the hot & happening accessories from the leading online stores, book ticket for your favorite Hollywood flick and much more. With such far and wide popularity of internet over the global platter, it comes as no surprise if a big chunk of business people opt to avail of the best SEO strategies to give their business an online recognition.

Seo freelanceYou may often find it far convenient to surf around various websites for finding the online services that could satisfy your specific needs rather than looking for the same in some traditional store. This is probably due to multiple reasons such as exclusive variety, affordability and the ease to shop at the comfort of your home by making merely few clicks. However, the internet has been in news for some wrong reasons as well, now and then. To be precise, there is no authenticity of the other party from which you are buying your merchandise. Once you have made the payment and the product has been delivered, you can’t do much to get it rectified in case the product is defective or does not fulfills your expectations. The need of the hour is therefore to establish a proper authentication system that could enable the customers know every minute information about the online vendors before making a purchase from them.

With the widening popularity of best SEO strategies, the online businesses have found a highly effective mode to prove their authenticity. They leave no stone unturned in promoting their business online and have been successful in spreading awareness about their services among the most potential customers all across the globe. The customers in turn too find it easier to choose the vendor that could satisfy their requirements the best way, thanks to the best SEO strategies that accompany manifold benefits.

Starting a blog of your own to promote your product/ services is one of the best SEO strategies that you can ever implement. But in order to rear the intended benefits from blog posting, it is important to implement the SEO techniques intelligently. Here are some vital tips to ensure maximum SEO benefits from your blog .


1. Provide a suitable title to your blog article keeping in mind the desired keyword to ensure perfect SEO. Make sure to maintain an acceptable density of the keyword in your entire article. While deciding the keywords, you must take in consideration all the probable and relevant words or phrases so that, when typed in the search engines, they should retrieve your website on the very first page of the search.


2. Quality content in itself holds the capability to enable your website get indexed by the search. Hence, providing focused and to-the-point content that could vouch for your product or service in true sense is highly recommended. A content written in an engaging and simple language makes it easier for the visitors to go through your site and know about your services in detail. Hence, ensuring a niche and genuine content also contributes significantly towards the best SEO strategies.


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Following are some biggest SEO mistakes webmasters commit while optimizing a website:
  • Leaving title tags to be auto-generated (from the post name, category name, etc.)
  • Squandering your “crawl equity” by letting pages get indexed that don’t deserve to be (“Email this page” etc.)
  • Having multiple “homes” for your blog
  • Not using unique “Optional Excerpt” or rel=”canonical” to minimize duplicate content
  • Not using rel=nofollow to direct PageRank flow
  • Over-reliance on date-based archives
  • No stability in keyword focus on category & tag pages
  • Suboptimal URLs (too long, too many words, too many directories)
  • Only one RSS feed, and it’s un-optimized
  • Hosting blog/feed URLs on a domain you don’t own
  • Using suboptimal anchor text when linking internally

I will be adding more points in my future posts, stay tuned…


Are you having an eCommerce website? Do you want to rank high for all your product keyword searches (like Google, Bing etc..)? Are you looking for an effective way to optimize your eCommerce website? You are at the right place!
ecommerce freelance seoThere is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven, effective tool to help enhance your website traffic and business, thus optimizing an online ecommerce website is even more important as compared to other niche websites. With all core ecommerce website SEO requirements and recommendations, I have prepared the following SEO checklist that will help you optimize your ecommerce website to rank high on search engines:

Product Keywords – These are words/phrases that appear in the content of your site. Brainstorm a list of words that you would search if looking for your product. You can use the free Google Adwords keyword tool ( Use the keywords often in the text of your site (2-4% density), but do not obviously overuse them, or the search engine will treat them as spam. (Learn more about our Adwords Consultancy services)
Research – Though not a tool in and of itself, research will tell you if you are on the correct path. Once you determine your keywords, run a search for each keyword or phrase to see if the content of the pages (product pages) generated matches the content of your page. If not, try new keywords until you are confident that consumers searching for your product will find your ecommerce website easily.

Code to Text Ratio – Search engines like Google calculate the percentage of text that appears
on a web page in order to determine whether or not that page is relevant to the requested search query by the user. A higher text ratio places a page higher in rank. Search engines prefer text to images, and prefer HTML to other formats.

Titles – Make your page title descriptive as this title will appear as the link on the search result page when the search engine returns its results to the consumer. Keep your title interesting, keep it to the point of your site/products, and keep it brief and concise – no more than five to eight words (65 chars). It’s recommended to use keywords in the page title. Title each document on the site appropriately so that they will be searchable by keywords pertaining to the content of the site. Also avoid title duplicity across the website.

Meta Tags – Meta tags are also one of the most important SEO element for your website. While some search engines now ignore keyword Meta tags, many use the description meta tag to elaborate on the title. Use keyword rich Meta description to explain the content of your webpage.

Image Tags – As search engines can’t read the images, use Image “Alt Tags” to specify an alternate text for an image. This tag will be read as text to search engines instead of images (increasing your code to text ratio), and should contain your keywords.

Internal Linking – Make sure that all your important product pages and categories are linked from the Home page of your website. Link these pages within your site using keywords and phrases. Search engine use these internal links to crawl the internal pages of the website. Such links will increase the natural usage of the keywords on your site, and generate more interest in your site.

HTML Site Maps – Site maps were initially used to enable visitors to navigate a site with ease. Now they also help to increase the crawability of a website. The sitemap should be simple; keyword rich, and link to every page within the site.

Frames – Do not use frames on your site. Do not put your products in Frame. The search engine may see the frame only and ignore any of the text contained within the frame.

I will posting some more valuable tips to optimize your e-commerce website, stay tuned for more posts..

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Important SEO points
Setting up a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign and maintaining a stable success rate from the perspective of traffic inflow or business is not the same thing. In fact, setting up an SEO campaign is much easier than actually managing it. However, if you are planning SEO to optimize your website for the search engines and individual consumers, there are certain important key points to be kept in mind.

Let’s discuss the important things to know before you jump in a SEO campaign -

1.    The Objectives – Unless you have a clear design of objectives you wish to achieve with your Search engine optimization campaign, even the most intense and expensive SEO packages cannot help your purpose gain momentum. Remember, each SEO campaign for a website is unique and has different goals. It may range from building brand to target a specified traffic, from quick leads/sales to long-term ecommerce conversions. Decide on your objective and build the campaign in that direction.

2.    The Changes – Prop yourselves for a complete/partial web design and development revamp. A lot of site owners do not have a SEO-friendly site, and may need to re-design and re-develop the same to make the website Search engine friendly. This may cost a little, but is very important if you want the desired results to come into effect quickly. Keep this important factor in mind while shaping the budget for your SEO campaign.

3.    Patience – SEO is a slow burner element. An SEO campaign bears fruit only with persistence over time. So if you are looking for an quick increase in sales within a month of the execution of the SEO, you should have rather been investing in PPC or other CPC advertising and the paid marketing like same. (Learn more about our PPC Freelancer services). A whitehat flawless SEO campaign will give results, but only with time. So be patient, and keep researching for better opportunities to complement the ongoing campaign (like social media optimization, branding etc) instead of hurrying for the late results.

4.    Contribution from Everybody - Since SEO is a cumulative and combined affair, having everyone on your staff involved of the same is a wise thing to implement. For instance, you can have your staffs/employees spread the word through viral/social marketing platforms (like Propeller, Digg, StumbleUpon etc) as well as social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

5.    Knowledge Matters - Staying up-to-date on the latest SEO updates, packages, as well as the latest trends can be very much beneficial in more ways than one. 1: It can stop you from being cheat by the SEO experts. 2: It could help you cover more ground with your search engine optimization campaign. And ultimately, it can actually help you verify the work done by your outsourced individuals/SEO experts.
Finally, set practical targets. Do not expect to rank at number 1 for a keyword that has 1 billion search results to quickly. Yes, it is possible! But over a long period of time – which is where again patience and persistence come into play!

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Just having an awesome websites will not enable businesses to have access to worldwide visitors and make revenue out of it. To ensure this, SEO is highly crucial. There are many SEO companies that enable businesses website to high ranking in search engines at high pricing. Hiring the services of a freelance SEO expert is a very cost effective method. Successful SEO is a time-consuming method involving months of hard work and costs involved. These can include:

1. Business Keyword research and Analysis

2. Analyze market competition

3. Website design and construction

4. Information architecture

5. Strong and relevant Link building

6. Rank maintenance strategies

7. Frequent Reporting.

8. Traffic and Rank Monitoring


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