freelance seo Keywords are what drives search engines. The idea is that a search engine wants to return a page in a search about something that the searcher is looking for. It’s doing this by looking at what was entered into the search box (the keywords) and then trying to match those keywords with pages in its database.

What is Key Phrase?
A Key Phrase is just a few keywords together. Researchers tell us that very few people just use one word to search any more and are getting more sophisticated.

Imagine you are a potential visitor to your site. What keywords or phrases will you type in to find it? Take a blank piece of paper. Now, on your piece of paper, write down as many words or
phrases as you can that you as a potential visitor would search for to find a site like yours in a search engine.

Here’s an example. For a site about baby names you might have:
• Baby names
• Popular baby names
• Most popular baby names

Notice how I didn’t use “baby”. People that are searching on that term might be looking for who knows. At this point we don’t want to be too general.

Try to write 20 to 30 keywords or phrases on your piece of paper. If you’re having trouble coming up with keywords, ask your partner, friends or family members which keywords they would use to find your site. At this point you should have a list of no less than 20 keywords or phrases at your disposal.

Right, now we need to do some research. We need to find out how many people are searching for our keywords and phrases. What we need now is a tool to tell us this information. The big gun here is something called Wordtracker. It costs just under $10 for a 3 day subscription, but the information it gives is worth it. If your site depends on traffic, then I recommend this tool.

Two other free tools work also, but just don’t give the detail.

I use these almost on a daily basis. It allows you to find out which keywords people are using in their searches, which as I’m sure you will agree is very valuable information!
The digitalpoint tool actual includes data from Overture, so if you are only going to use one tool, use that one. Start at the top of your keyword list that you wrote earlier and
enter each one into the text box. As you can see, the term suggestion tool returns a list of keywords and how many times they were searched for during the last day. As you type each of
your keywords into the text box and see the number of searches, write that number down next to your keyword on the page.

As you are doing this, you’ll also come across key phrases that people are searching on that you didn’t think of. Include them too. You should now have a list of keywords with the number of
searches for that keyword from last month on your page. To get the 5 most popular keywords, simply take the 5 keywords with the highest number of searches. Write them down in order of most to least popular. You should now have your list of 5 popular
keywords, maybe something like this:
778231 baby name
68325 baby girl name
63222 baby boy name
38285 odd baby name
33583 top 100 baby name
Next we need to get an idea of the competition. Go to Google and enter in your first key phrase in quotes. Like this..
“baby name”
Looking at the right of the Google search, you’ll see what the
competition is:

Not bad, only 3.2 million sites we have to beat. Well, you didn’t think this would be easy did you?
Take your search terms and for the ones you have narrowed down to find out your competition and add that as a 3rd column. Make sure you remember to search in quotes, that looks for these word as a phase rather than just anywhere. These keywords are going to form the basis for all of your site optimization strategies.

freelance seo
Google has a comprehensive and highly developed technology, a straightforward interface and a wide-ranging array of search tools which enable the users to easily access a variety of information online. Google users can browse the web and find information in various languages, retrieve maps, stock quotes and read news, search for a long lost friend using the phonebook listings available on Google for all of US cities and basically surf the 3 billion odd web pages on the internet!

Google boasts of having world’s largest archive of Usenet messages, dating all the way back to 1981. Google’s technology can be accessed from any conventional desktop PC as well as from various wireless platforms such as WAP and i-mode phones, handheld devices and other such Internet equipped gadgets.

The web search technology offered by Google is often the technology of choice of the world’s leading portals and websites. It has also benefited the advertisers with its unique advertising program that does not hamper the web surfing experience of its users but still brings revenues to the advertisers.

Google’s Web Search Technology

freelance seoWhen you search for a particular keyword or a phrase, most of the search engines return a list of page in order of thenumber of times the keyword or phrase appears on the website. Google web search technology involves the use of its indigenously designed PageRank Technology and hypertextmatching analysis which makes several instantaneous calculations undertaken
without any human intervention. Google’s structural design also expands simultaneously as the
internet expands.

PageRank technology

freelance seoPageRank technology involves the use of an equation which comprises of millions of variables and terms and determines a
factual measurement of the significance of web pages and is calculated by solving an equation of 500 million variables and
more than 3 billion terms. Unlike some other search engines, Google does not calculate links but utilizes the extensive link structure of the web as an organizational tool. When the link to a Page, lets say Page B is clicked from a Page A, then that click is attributed as a vote towards Page B on behalf of Page A.

Quintessentially, Google calculates the importance of a page by the number of such ‘votes’ it receives. Not only that, Google also assesses the importance of the pages that are involved in the voting process. Consequently, pages that are themselves ahead in ranking and are important in that way also help to make other pages important. One thing to note here is that Google’s technology does not involve human intervention in anyway and uses the inherent intelligence of
the internet and its resources to determine the ranking and importance of any page.

Hypertext-Matching Analysis: Unlike its conventional counterparts, Google is a search engine which is hypertextbased. This means that it analyzes all the content on each web page and factors in fonts, subdivisions, and the exact positions of all terms on the page. Not only that, Google also evaluates the content of its nearest web pages. This policy of not disregarding any subject matter pays off in the end and enables Google to return results that are closest to user

Query-handling – The Google Way Google has a very simple 3-step procedure in handling a
query submitted in its search box.

1. When the query is submitted and the enter key is
pressed, the web server sends the query to the index
servers. Index server is exactly what its name suggests; it consists of an index much like the index of a book which displays where is the particular page
containing the queried term is located in the entire
2. After this, the query proceeds to the doc servers, and these servers actually retrieve the stored documents. Page descriptions or “snippets” are then generated to suitably describe each search result.
3. These results are then returned to the user in less than a second!

The Google Dance

freelance seoApproximately once a month, Google update their index by recalculating the Pageranks of each of the web pages that they have crawled. The period during the update is known as the Google dance. Because of the nature of PageRank, the calculations need to
be performed about 40 times and, because the index is so large, the calculations take several days to complete. During this period, the search results fluctuate; sometimes minuteby minute. It is because of these fluctuations that the term, Google Dance, was coined. The dance usually takes place
sometime during the last third of each month.

Google has two other servers that can be used for searching. The search results on them also change during the monthly update and they are part of the Google dance. For the rest of the month, fluctuations sometimes occur in the search results, but they should not be confused with the actual dance. They are due to Google's fresh crawl and to
what is known "Everflux". Google has two other searchable servers apart from They are and Most of the time, the results on all 3 servers are the same, but during the dance, they are different.

For most of the dance, the rankings that can be seen on www2 and www3 are the new rankings that will transfer to www when the dance is over. Even though the calculations are done about 40 times, the final rankings can be seen from very early on. This is because, during the first few iterations, the calculated figures merge to being close to their final

You can see this with the Pagerank Calculator by checking the Data box and performing some calculations. After the first few iterations the search results on www2 and www3 may still
change, but only slightly.

During the dance, the results from www2 and www3 will sometimes show on the www server, but only briefly. Also, new results on www2 and www3 can disappear for short periods. At the end of the dance, the results on www will match those on www2 and www3. This Google Dance Tool allows you to check your rankings on www, www2 and www3 and on all 9 datacenters
Do you have a website that doesn’t rank well on Google? Are you losing your potential business because of this? Do you have a small budget which doesn’t allow you to hire the services of a full fledged SEO company? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you might do well to hire the services of a freelance SEO expert. Freelance SEO experts are well trained individuals in the world of SEO though they prefer to work on their own as a consultant. They are more affordable than a full time SEO company and are often easier to work with. There are a number of freelance SEO experts and you really need to sift through their profiles before finalizing on one.

What after You Hire a Freelance SEO Expert?

Once you hire the SEO services of a consultant, they would be performing a number of tasks for optimizing your site. Here is what to expect:
  • The expert would analyze your site and select specific keywords that could be used in relevance to your site. If you’ve already used most of the keywords and aren’t getting results, they would probably work out a way to rephrase details for you and find out new business keywords to generate traffic.
  • They would not always make very big changes, but they might make minor tweaks for effective optimization, such as basic changes to content, meta tags and image alt tags.
  • As an SEO expert, they would even help you in aspects of website designing, web development, use of various skill sets, Social reputation management and internet marketing services.
There is no doubt that hiring the services of a freelance SEO expert is a very cost effective method. They definitely charge much less than what you would pay to an company. Most freelance SEO experts are very knowledgeable and have great skills and tips in getting high ranking for your website. One of the greatest advantages of hiring a freelancer would be the fact that you would be able to keep a closer look on what they are doing. If you are especially new to search engine optimization, working on a number of projects and want to work within a budget, hiring a freelance SEO expert would be definitely beneficial to you.
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