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Looking for a Freelance PPC Consultant to effectively manage your campaign?

I am a freelance Google Adwords Qualified PPC expert and Internet marketing Expert with 7 years of experience. My approach towards PPC is directly focused on Quality score and conversions.

Google_Adwords-Certificate - Himanshu
Google Adwords Certificate

My capabilities range from effectively managing Google Adwords & Bing-Yahoo Search Network Campaigns and reduce cost spend while increase the CPA (Cost per conversion/sale/lead). My approach towards PPC is 100% white-hat and ethical.

How I optimize a PPC Campaign?
  • Effective Keyword Research - I do keyword research using various tools (like - Adwords, Spyfu, keyword spy) as well as your competitors analysis and identify those that will work best for you to get conversion in less budget spend
  • Campaign & Ad-groups set-up - I set up campaigns, ad-groups and keywords to gain the maximum quality score and clicks
  • Quality Ad Copy Creation - I specialize in writing call to action ad-copy that gets your ad clicked on by the visitors that you want to attract
  • Landing Page Optimization - I optimize the landing page (where visitors land) to improve the PPC quality score as well conversion rate.
  • Ongoing Campaign Management - I will continually manage, optimize and tweak your PPC campaigns so that you’ll get the best ROI
  • Ad Split Testing: I will regularly test and tweak new ad copies to get maximum conversions and clicks
  • Use of Ad Extensions - I use various Ad extensions like Phone Call, Map Listing, Site linsk etc to improve the Ads click through rate.
  • PPC Campaign Analysis - If you already have an existing PPC (Adwords, Adcenter, YSM) campaign, I will analyze it from scratch and will let you know how we can maximize the conversions and clicks
  • Monitoring and Reporting - I will provide you a complete performance based reporting of campaigns so you can see where your money is going and the return on investment you’re getting.

Why you should hire me for your PPC?
  • Smart PPC Experience: I have 6 years of smart PPC experience in Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter and Yahoo Search Marketing; serving hundreds of websites around the globe.
  • I am Affordable: My PPC services are very affordable and starts with just $100. Even though I am affordable to many other agencies; my quality of service is even better with less headaches than agencies.
  • Passion to Deliver: My determination and passion is to deliver best results for my clients without burning your budget. I also have excellent technical skills in web development and even capable to do small tweaks and changes and can also work with your existing Web Developers to improve measurement for PPC campaigns and maximize conversion
  • In Touch: I always keep you in touch via frequent analytics and work report with results and trends.
  • 24X7 Support: I am always available 24x7 for any chat and call support. This is a feature that all of my clients have tremendously appreciated.

Tips to improve PPC Campaigns:
1. Focus to Improve Quality Score
A good quality score helps you to get maximum clicks in less possible cost. Try to break down the campaign to small adgroups, create targeted ads. A Quality score of 7+ is considered very good.
2. Include your Brand name
Do not forget to add your Brand name keywords to the PPC campaign, even if you are ranking #1 (organically) because not everyone clicks on organic listing.

3. Multiple Ad copies
Always create atleast 2-3 ad copies for each adgroup. See which ad is performing well and which is not, improve your ad call to action words further based upon your ad copy performance.

4. Analyze Conversions
Don’t forget to implement adwords tracking conversion. It is very easy to setup and will help you a lot to manage the PPC campaign.

5. Negative keywords
Don’t forget to add negative keywords. Negative keywords are those keywords for which you don’t want your ads to appear. Negative keywords will make sure that you are spending you ad budget on correct keywords.

6. Don’t use only home page as landing page
You can use your internal category/product pages as well as your landing page. Try to keep it more targeted towards your adgroup and keywords.

7. Use Keyword generators
Always use keywords generators like https://adwords.google.com/ko/KeywordPlanner/Home
to pick the best possible keywords your campaign.